DWNT/PVDF melt-spun piezoelectric fibres
Paper in proceedings, 2011

Crystalline morphology in poly(vinylidene fluoride)(PVDF), in particular the presence of polar β phase crystals, is of utmost importance towards the material´s piezoelectricity. Nanoparticles have been in focus recently as means of enhancing β phase crystals formation in PVDF. Dominantly, the so-far work has been carried out on films/thin sheets. The influence of CNT on PVDF crystalline structure has been less investigated, however some results indicating an enhancing role of multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWNT) in solution compounded PVDF films are available. Published results for MWNT/PVDF films are not in good agreement. The only study into single-wall carbon nanotube (SWNT)/PVDF has been made on electrospun nanofibres. An overview of results for PVDF films/sheets and fibres using various nanoparticles published and in the literature is given in [1]. In the present work we focus on melt-spun double-wall carbon nanotubes (DWNT)/PVDF fibres. We present new results for melt-spun PVDF fibres containing non-functionalized and amino-functionalized DWNT. The key finding is that amino-DWNT can favourably influence the β to α polymorphic balance. [1] [1] A. Lund, C. Gustafsson, H. Bertilsson, R.W. Rychwalski, Compos. Sci. Tech., Vol. 71, 222-229 (2011) Acknowledgement: The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) is acknowledged (AL, RWR).


Rodney Rychwalski

Chalmers, Materials and Manufacturing Technology, Polymeric Materials and Composites

Anja Lund

Chalmers, Materials and Manufacturing Technology, Polymeric Materials and Composites

Cornelia Gustafsson

Hans Bertilsson

NT11 International Conference on Science and Applications of Nanotubes, University of Cambridge, July 11-16, Cambridge (UK), 2011

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