A table of upper bounds for binary codes
Journal article, 2001

Let A(n, d) denote the maximum possible number of codewords in an (n, d) binary code. We establish four new bounds on A(n, d), namely, A(21, 4)⩽43689, A(22, 4)⩽87378, A(22, 6)⩽6941, and A(23, 4)⩽173491. Furthermore, using previous upper bounds on the size of constant-weight binary codes, we reapply known methods to generate a table of bounds on A(n, d) for all n⩽28. This table extends the range of parameters compared with previously known tables.



Alexander Vardy

Kenneth Zeger

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory

0018-9448 (ISSN)

Vol. 47 7 3004-3006

Subject Categories

Computer and Information Science



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