Electronic spectra of dithieno analogues of phenanthrene
Journal article, 1979

The magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) spectra of some dithieno analogues of phenanthrene: benzo [2,1-b;3,4-b′] dithiophene (I) benzo [1,2-b;4,3-b′] dithiophene (II), benzo [1,2-c;3,4-c′] dithiophene (III) and benzo [1,2-b;3,4-b′] dithiophene (IV) are reported. For I–III the spectra corresponding to two different transition moment directions could be obtained from low-temperature linear dichroism spectra. The results compare well with theoretical energies, oscillator strengths, moment directions and MCD B-terms which were obtained from semi-empirical quantum mechanical calculations in the π-electron approximation.


T. Dahlgren

J. Glans

S. Gronowitz

A. Davidsson

P. B. Pedersen

E. W. Thulstrup

Chemical Physics

0301-0104 (ISSN)

Vol. 40 3 397-404

Subject Categories

Physical Chemistry



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