Diffraction from carbon nanofiber arrays
Journal article, 2012

We fabricate a square planar photonic crystal (PC) from carbon nanofibres (CNFs) using e-beam lithography and chemical vapour deposition and investigate the optical properties of this system. The system exhibit diffraction that is well described by diffraction theory. We measure the intensity of the (-1,0) and (-1,-1) diffraction spots as functions of angle of incidence. The radiation diagram obtained can be explained by interference between different diffraction beams. We observe a polarisation dependence of the intensity. In conclusion we suggest future applications of these structures.

carbon nanofiber


photonic crystal


Robert Rehammar

Chalmers, Applied Physics, Condensed Matter Theory

Y. Francescato

Imperial College London

A.I. Fernandez-Dominguez

Imperial College London

S. A. Maier

Imperial College London

Jari Kinaret

Chalmers, Applied Physics, Condensed Matter Theory

Eleanor E B Campbell

University of Edinburgh

Konkuk University

Optics Letters

0146-9592 (ISSN) 1539-4794 (eISSN)

Vol. 37 1 100-102

Areas of Advance

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (SO 2010-2017, EI 2018-)


Basic sciences

Subject Categories

Atom and Molecular Physics and Optics



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