Experimantal Investigation on Emissions Performance of the Volvo TD73 Engine Running on MK1 and Etamix E15
Report, 1994

This test was aimed at investigation of the engine performance and its emissions, when the engine runs on Etamix (El5), as compared to conventiona1 diesel fuel MKl. The method used was engine running according to the specifications of the european test eye le ECE R49. The general performance and exhaust gas emissions of the engine were recorded and evaluated according to the regulations concerning the control of air pollution from heavy duty motor vehicles (A 30 - Regulation). The test engine is a direct injected, turbocharged diesel engine Volvo TD 73. The engine, which is rated at 190 kW at 2200 rpm and 1040 Nm at 1440 rpm, has been recently installed in the engine laboratory test rig of the Thermo and Fluid Dynamics Department. In order to obtain reference data, the engine was run on diesel fuel MK1 and its performance, emissions, and smoke density were recorded for each step of the ECE R49 test cycle. Further, the engine was run on Etamix -15 (Diesel fuel MKl + 15 % Ethanol E 95 + 0.6 % Dalco emulsifier reagent) and the same information as in previous reference test was collected during three different tests. Analyzing these test results, it was observed that NOx levels have a reduction trend compared to emission levels obtained during reference tests on MK1 fuel. On the other hand it was observed that CO emissions were slightly reduced when the engine was run over 50 % load.



Diesel Engine


Savo Gjirja

Chalmers, Department of Thermo and Fluid Dynamics

Subject Categories

Mechanical Engineering

Publikation - Chalmers tekniska högskola, Institutionen för termo- och fluiddynamik: 49 36

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