Further Simulating Model Calibration According to the Gul Concept
Report, 1997

As in the first part of this study, the engine design of the Gul version is characterized by a cyc1oid crank-connecting rod instead of conventional crankshaft. Thermodynamic cycle simulation shows that the compression line of the Gul engine runs over that of the conventional engine. Under such circumstances, the ignition delay for the Gul engine has to be shorter than that of the conventional engine. This is because of the Gul cycloid characteristics, where the piston moves faster to reach the dead points, and slows down as the piston approaches the TDC or BDC. Hence the ignition and the first phase of the combustion approaches the constant volume process, which would give a higher firing pressure and better efficiency.

Non Conventional Engine


Savo Gjirja

Chalmers, Department of Thermo and Fluid Dynamics

Performance and Emission Analysis of a Non-Conventional Gasoline Engine

SAE Technical Papers,; Vol. Vol. 109, No 4(2000)p. 1104-1116

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