Towards transparent and relevant use of energy use indicators in LCA studies of biofuels
Conference poster, 2012

The use of energy has led to resource crises during the history of mankind, such as the deforestation of the Mediterranean during antiquity, and of Great Britain before the 19th century, and the oil crisis in the 20th century and continuing. Considering this, the frequent use of the impact category ‘energy use’ in the environmental assessment tool life cycle assessment (LCA) is not surprising. However, in a previous study, some of the authors noted that the term ‘energy use’ was not applied in a transparent and consistent way in LCA studies of biofuels. In this work we investigate how energy use indicators are applied in a set of life cycle assessment (LCA) studies of biofuels. In the examined reports and articles, the choice of indicator was seldom motivated or discussed and we observed five inherently different energy use indicators: (1) fossil energy, (2) secondary energy, (3) cumulative energy demand, (4) net energy balance, and (5) total extracted energy. These five energy use indicators were applied to the same cradle-to-gate production system of palm oil methyl ester (PME), giving considerably different output results. This is in itself not unexpected, but indicates the importance of clearly identifying, describing and motivating the choice of energy use indicator. All five indicators can all be useful in specific situations, depending on the goal and scope of the individual study, but the choice of indicators need to be better reported and motivated than what is generally done today. Authors of LCA studies should first define the purpose of their energy use indicator (fossil scarcity, energy scarcity, energy efficiency, cost/benefit comparison) and may then make a motivated choice of the energy use indicator.


Rickard Arvidsson

Chalmers, Energy and Environment, Environmental Systems Analysis

Kristin Fransson

Chalmers, Energy and Environment, Environmental Systems Analysis

Morgan Fröling

Magdalena Svanström

Chalmers, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Chemical Environmental Science

Sverker Molander

Chalmers, Energy and Environment, Environmental Systems Analysis

6th SETAC World Congress / SETAC Europe 22nd Annual Meeting in Berlin

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