Driveline model calibration and validation in an automotive 4-cylinder Diesel application
Paper in proceedings, 2012

We present a computational approach to driveline system simulations that aim to better capture how major system deformation modes vary and interact during operation. A prototype of a downsized front-wheel- drive powertrain was run in a physical rig-test and a nonlinear driveline torsional resonance response could be identified. A large-scale powertrain computational model that combines details of finite element component and multibody system design models was developed and used to simulate the rig-test response. The torsional response was calibrated using one subset of measured data and a complementing subset was used for validation. Simulation results show good qualitative agreement with measured responses. A minor parameter study shows how parameter settings of selected components influence the system normal modes.


Niclas S Andersson


International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering 2012,

Vol. 5 3841-3855

25th International Conference on Noise and Vibration engineering, ISMA2012
Leuven, Belgium,

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Applied Mechanics

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