Aerodynamic Wheel Force Measurements on a Detailed Scale-Model Car – Possibilities and Challenges
Conference contribution, 2012

The energy consumption of the road-going vehicles must be reduced as much as possible, and minimizing the aerodynamic drag constitutes one significant part of this on-going work. It has been shown that ground simulation is essential when analysing the flow around the car, since the under-body flow region generates more than half the total aerodynamic drag. The cooling flows and the complex wheel-housing flow-fields are key areas in this context; the latter in particular. Hence, in this paper, forces acting on the rotating wheel are outlined and comparisons of different methods for determining these forces are given. A specific idea of system solution, to be implemented in the wind-tunnel at Chalmers University of Technology is also presented.


Alexey Vdovin

Chalmers, Applied Mechanics

Lennart Löfdahl

Chalmers, Applied Mechanics, Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems

Christoffer Landström

8th International Symposium on Strain-Gauge Balances, May 7–10, 2012, Lucerne, Switzerland

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Vehicle Engineering

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