Application of membrane technology for the development of sustainable biotechnology processes
Book chapter, 2013

The scope of application of membranes in biotechnology has widened significantly in the recent years. Although many of the membrane options are yet to achieve wide industrial applications, they show tremendous potential for the transformation and synthesis of value-added products, energy production, therapeutic applications and environmental remediation. This chapter provides an overview of membrane applications in selected established and emerging biotechnology processes. Approaches to overcoming the technology bottlenecks that impede the scale-up of such systems have been discussed in this chapter.


Faisal Ibney Hai

Oskar Modin

Chalmers, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Water Environment Technology

Membrane Processes for Sustainable Growth


Driving Forces

Sustainable development

Areas of Advance

Building Futures (2010-2018)

Life Science Engineering (2010-2018)

Subject Categories

Water Engineering

Water Treatment

Other Industrial Biotechnology

Other Environmental Biotechnology

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