Index theory and dynamical symmetry enhancement near IIB horizons
Journal article, 2013

We show that the number of supersymmetries of JIB black hole horizons is N = 2N_ + 2 index(D-lambda), where index(D-lambda) is the index of the Dirac operator twisted with the line bundle lambda(1/2) of IIB scalars, and N_ is the dimension of the kernel of a horizon Dirac operator which depends on IIB fluxes. Therefore, all IIB horizons preserve an even number of supersymmetries. In addition if the horizons have non-trivial fluxes and N_ not equal 0, then index(D-lambda) >= 0 and the horizons admit an sl(2,R) symmetry subalgebra. This provides evidence that all such horizons have an AdS/CFT dual. Furthermore if the orbits of sl(2,R) are two-dimensional, the IIB horizons are warped products AdS(2) x(w) S.


Supergravity Models


Black Holes in String Theory



Ulf Gran

Chalmers, Applied Physics, Mathematical Physics

J. Gutowski

University of Surrey

G. Papadopoulos

King's College London

Journal of High Energy Physics

1126-6708 (ISSN) 1029-8479 (eISSN)

Vol. 2013 11 104

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Physical Sciences


Basic sciences



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