Evaluation of a static architectural conformance checking method in a line of computer games
Paper in proceeding, 2014

We present an evaluation of a simple method to find ar- chitectural problems in a product line of computer games. The method uses dependencies (direct, indirect, or no) to automatically classify types in the implementation to high- level components in the product line architecture. We use a commercially available tool to analyse dependencies in the source code. The automatic classification of types is com- pared to a manual classification by the developer, and all mismatches are reported. To evaluate the method, we inspect the source code and look for a pre-defined set of architectural problems in all types. We compare the set of types that contained problems to the set of types where the manual and automatic classification disagreed to determine precision and recall. We also investigate what changes are needed to correct the found mismatches by either designing and implementing changes in the source code or refining the automatic classification. Our evaluation shows that the simple method is effective at detecting architectural problems in a product line of four games. The method is lightweight, customisable and easy to implement early in the development cycle. Copyright © 2014 ACM 978-1-4503-2577-6/14/ 06 ...$15.00.



Static Conformance Checking

Computer Game

Product Line Architecture


T. Olsson

Linnaeus University, Kalmar

D. Toll

Linnaeus University, Kalmar

A. Wingkvist

Linnaeus University, Kalmar

Morgan Ericsson

University of Gothenburg

QoSA 2014 - Proceedings of the 10th International ACM SIGSOFT Conference on Quality of Software Architectures (Part of CompArch 2014)

978-14-50-32576-9 (ISBN)

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Software Engineering





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