Time-domain simulations of low-height porous noise barriers with periodically spaced scattering inclusions
Paper in proceedings, 2014

In this work we investigate the possibility to create a noise reducing device by embedding periodically spaced scattering units into a porous matrix. A numerical study based on the Finite-Difference Time- Domain method is therefore performed. The porous matrix is modelled by the Zwikker and Kosten phenomenological porous rigid-frame model, and scattering units are considered to be acoustically rigid. For simplicity a two-dimensional computational domain and a homogeneous atmosphere has been assumed. We focus on low-height noise barriers with the intention to reduce traffic noise along- side pavements, e.g. for pedestrians and cyclists. A number of porous barriers with acoustically rigid inclusions are investigated and compared against porous barriers without scattering units added. In addition, the reduction is tested against a simple acoustically rigid screen.



Outdoor sound propagation

porous noise barriers

low-height noise barriers


Bart van der Aa

Chalmers, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Applied Acoustics, Vibroacoustics

Jens Forssén

Chalmers, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Applied Acoustics, Vibroacoustics

Proceedings of Forum Acusticum

22213767 (ISSN)

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Materials Engineering

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