Development and Demonstration of New Technology for the use of Wind Turbines on Ships
Report, 2014

Technology to substantially reduce commercial ship fuel consumption by harnessing sea winds for simultaneous generation of electricity and thrust, has been developed by the company PROPit AB. The basic idea is to apply conventional wind turbine technology for the marine environment, where the turbine will also take the function of sails. Primary target market is tankers or bulk ships with a large and open deck space. Chalmers, in a study co-sponsored by the Swedish Energy Agency and Chalmers Energy Centre, 2011, confirmed fuel saving estimates around 15-30 % for optimal routes, but with higher uncertainties.



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Ola Carlson

Chalmers, Energy and Environment, Electric Power Engineering

Per Arne Nilsson

Wind-diesel system with a variable speed turbine

European Wind Energy Association Conference and Exhibition 1991,; (1991)p. 469-473

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