Trees in home gardens: Making the most of an age-old practice to improve food security and nutrition.
Magazine article, 2014

Home gardens have been vital to human societies for thousands of years: from clusters of beneficial trees and shrubs planted on forest edges in pre-historic times, to the lush ediblegardens grown traditionally in many tropical regions, to the tiny, densely planted backyards that dot cities worldwide.


Marion Davis

Ekaterina Bessonova

Jenny Friman

University of Gothenburg

Maria Ölund

University of Gothenburg

Eskil Mattsson

Chalmers, Energy and Environment, Physical Resource Theory

Matilda Palm

Chalmers, Energy and Environment, Physical Resource Theory

Stockholm Environment Institute: Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI) and Forest, Climate & Livelihood Research Network (Focali), “Forests, Landscapes and Food Security” theme brief


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