Why electromobility and what is it?
Book chapter, 2013

In this chapter we examine the notion of electromobility and aim to provide a working definition of the term that underpins the analyses presented in the rest of this e-book. We also describe electromobility in technological terms by presenting various technological configurations of electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and energy supply. We then proceed to examine why electromobility is currently supported as a favourable means to transform road transport by discussing drivers and barriers of change in the automotive industry. Whilst electromobility represents a significant technical challenge, it also requires complex social changes. By arguing from different perspectives we hope to illustrate that electromobility is best understood by considering a range of systemic perspectives found in this and later chapters of this e-book.


Anders Grauers

Chalmers, Signals and Systems, Systems and control, Automation

Steven Sarasini

Chalmers, Energy and Environment, Environmental Systems Analysis

Magnus Karlström

Systems Perspectives on Electromobility 2013


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Energy Engineering

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