A novel technique for direct measurements of contact resistance between interlaced conductive yarns in a plain weave
Journal article, 2015

Contact resistance between interlaced conductive yarns will under certain circumstances constitute a problem for sensor applications and electrical routing in interactive textile structures. This type of resistance could alter the effective area of the sensor and introduce hot-spots in the routing. This paper presents a technique for measuring contact resistances on fabric samples. The samples used are unit cells of plain weave, that is, two conductive (silver-coated) yarns in the warp direction and two in the weft direction. The numerical values for the contact resistance are of the order of R-c approximate to 0.3. A resistor network made of through-hole film resistors with known values is used for evaluation of the method. The results show that the technique provides values typically within +/- 1% error compared with the known resistor values. Thus, the method can be used in order to calculate the contact resistances of a woven conductive textile.






XED DESIGN OF INTEGRATED CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS16th International Conference Mixed Design of

XDES 200714th International Conference Mixed Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems





Emanuel Gunnarsson

University of Borås

Magnus Karlsteen

Chalmers, Applied Physics, Condensed Matter Physics

L. Berglin

University of Borås

J. Stray

University of Cape Town

Textile Research Journal

0040-5175 (ISSN)

Vol. 85 5 499-511

Subject Categories

Textile, Rubber and Polymeric Materials

Areas of Advance

Materials Science



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