Fixed-parameter tractable generalizations of cluster editing
Paper in proceedings, 2006

In the Cluster Editing problem, a graph has to be changed to a disjoint union of cliques by at most k edge insertions or deletions. Several reasons suggest a generalized problem where the target graph can have some overlapping cliques. We show that the problem remains fixed-parameter tractable (FPT) in the combination of both parameters: k and a second parameter t describing somehow the complexity of overlap structure. For this result we need a structural property of twins in graphs enabling a certain elimination scheme that finally leads to a small enough subgraph we can branch on. We also give a nontrivial algorithm for the problem of minimizing the number of disjoint clusters, based on a concise enumeration of all solutions to the original Cluster Editing problem. This generic scheme may become interesting also for other multicriteria FPT problems.


Peter Damaschke

Chalmers, Computer Science and Engineering (Chalmers), Computing Science (Chalmers)

6th International Conference on Algorithms and Complexity CIAC 2006, Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Vol. 3998 344-355

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Computer Science



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