Transition from a coherent three wave system to turbulence with application to the fluid closure
Journal article, 2015

We start from a Mattor-Parker system and its generalization to include diffusion and derive the Random Phase equations. It is shown that the same type of fluid closure holds in the coherent and turbulent regimes. This is due to the fact that the Random Phase levels (1/I-1 = 1/I-2 + 1/I-3), where I-j is the intensity of wave packet 'j', are attractors for the wave dynamics both in the coherent and incoherent cases. Focus here is on the wave dynamics with phase velocities varying due to nonlinear frequency shifts. Thus a Maxwellian distribution function is kept in all cases.

Fasblandningseffekter på vätskeclosure


Jan Weiland

Chalmers, Applied Physics, Nuclear Engineering

C. S. Liu

University of Maryland

A. Zagorodny

Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics Nasu

Journal of Plasma Physics

0022-3778 (ISSN) 1469-7807 (eISSN)

Vol. 81 1 905810101

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Fusion, Plasma and Space Physics



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