Bismuth Effects on Electronic Levels in GaSb(Bi)/AlGaSb Quantum Wells Probed by Infrared Photoreflectance
Journal article, 2015

GaSb(Bi)/Al0.2Ga0.8Sb single quantum wells are characterized by a Fourier transform infrared spectrometerbased photoreflectance method at 77 K. Spatially direct and indirect transitions between the electronic levels at and above the effective band gap are well resolved. The shifts of the electronic levels with Bi incorporation are identified quantitatively. The results show that the upshift of the valence band edge is clarified to be dominant, while the Bi-induced downshift of the conduction band edge does exist and contributes to the band gap reduction in the GaSbBi quantum-well layer by (29±6)%.


X Chen

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Y. X. Song

Chinese Academy of Sciences

L. Q. Zhu

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Zhen Qi

Chinese Academy of Sciences

L. Zhu

Chinese Academy of Sciences


Shanghai University

Shaoling Guo

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shu Min Wang

Chalmers, Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2), Photonics

J. Shao

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chinese Physics Letters

0256-307X (ISSN)

Vol. 32 6

Subject Categories

Nano Technology



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