CFD study of the overtopping discharge of the Wave Dragon wave energy converter
Paper in proceedings, 2015

The Wave Dragon is a floating Wave Energy Converter (WEC) working by the overtopping principle. The overtopping discharge has been determined by model scale experiments in wave basins. In the present study we numerically simulate the overtopping behavior of the Wave Dragon device using a VOF based incompressible Euler/Navier-Stokes solver in the OpenFOAMĀ® framework. We present simulations of: (i) a complete sea state for different crest heights, and (ii) regular waves for different wave conditions and crest heights. The simulations compare reasonably well with the experimental data, albeit the irregular wave simulations predict a larger overtopping discharge than observed in the experiments.


Claes Eskilsson

Chalmers, Shipping and Marine Technology, Marine Technology

Johannes Palm

Chalmers, Shipping and Marine Technology, Marine Technology

Jens Peter Kofoed

Aalborg University

Erik Friis-Madsen

Wave Dragon Ltd.

Renewable Energies Offshore ; 1st International Conference on Renewable Energies Offshore, RENEW 2014


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C3SE (Chalmers Centre for Computational Science and Engineering)

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