Power control in wireless interference networks with limited feedback
Paper in proceedings, 2012

This paper addresses a power control problem in a wireless time-varying K-user interference network. Each transmitter intends to communicate to its desired receiver at a fixed rate. Quantized channel gains are globally available through limited feedback signals. To eliminate multi-user interference, interference alignment scheme is performed based on the imperfect channel knowledge. The communication quality is affected by the channel quantization errors and interference leakage. We propose a power control algorithm, aiming to guarantee successful transmissions of each user while minimizing the transmission power of the network. Our results show that even with limited number of feedback bits, by performing power control the considered interference alignment scheme can outperform the conventional time-division-multiple-access scheme.


International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS'12)

2154-0217 (ISSN)

671 - 675

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Communication Systems

Signal Processing



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