Formal Fourier Jacobi expansions and special cycles of codimension two
Journal article, 2015

We prove that formal Fourier Jacobi expansions of degree two are Siegel modular forms. As a corollary, we deduce modularity of the generating function of special cycles of codimension two, which were defined by Kudla. A second application is the proof of termination of an algorithm to compute Fourier expansions of arbitrary Siegel modular forms of degree two. Combining both results enables us to determine relations of special cycles in the second Chow group.

special cycles of codimension two

computing siegel modular forms

formal fourier jacobi expansions


Martin Raum

Max Planck Society

Compositio Mathematica

0010-437X (ISSN) 1570-5846 (eISSN)

Vol. 151 12 2187-2211

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