Momentum probe and sampling probe for measurement of particle flow properties in CFB boilers
Journal article, 1997

With the aim of making local particle flow structure studies in commercial scale circulating fluidized-bed (CFB) boilers, a momentum probe and a non-isokinetic particle sampling probe have been designed to measure local momentum flux of gas-solids flow and particle flux. The time-averaged, local particle velocity and concentration are deduced from the measurement results of these two probes. The two probes were calibrated and validated in situ in a CFB boiler furnace. In order to better understand the principle of the momentum probe and to ensure reliable measurements, a theoretical model is established by focusing on the particle deceleration movement inside the probe tip. This model is able to predict the relationship between the gas-solids momentum flux and the impact pressure as obtained from the calibration.

momentum probe

particle flux probe

gas solids two-phase flow.

Circulating fluidized-bed boilers


Wennan Zhang

Department of Energy Conversion

Filip Johnsson

Department of Energy Conversion

Bo G Leckner

Department of Energy Conversion

Chemical Engineering Sciences

0009-2509 (ISSN)

Vol. 52 4 497-509

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Energy Engineering

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