Estimates of turbulence effects in CFB boilers
Paper in proceedings, 1996

A simplified physical model of turbulence in a circulating fluidized bed (CFB) combustor is presented. The existence of a dense bubbling bottom bed, a splash zone with pronounced clustering effects and a transport zone with predominantly disperse solids flow in the core is accounted for. The energy dissipation rate evaluated from the total energy supply and the macro-scale of the bubble-induced turbulence are used as defining parameters for order of magnitude estimates of turbulence effects in a 0.7 m wide cold rig and a 12 MW CFB boiler. The results obtained show a reasonable agreement with available experimental data.


Fluid dynamics

Fluidized bed boiler


Gennadij Palchonok

Filip Johnsson

Department of Energy Conversion

Bo G Leckner

Department of Energy Conversion

Proc of the 5th International Conference on Circulating Fluidized Bed

Vol. 5 440-445

Subject Categories

Energy Engineering

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