Characteristics of the Lateral Particle Distribution in Circulating Fluidized Red Boilers
Paper in proceedings, 1993

The local time-averaged solids volume fraction was measured in the 12MW~1 Circulating Ruidized Bed (CFR) boiler at Chalmers University of Technology. It was found that the corelwall-layer structure of the flow pattern observed in small-scale beds also characterizes large-scale CFR boilers. The local solids volume fractions close to the wall and in the core region of the furnace were found to be directly proportional to the cross-sectional average solids volume fraetjon, c, as ohtained from pressure rneasurements. If the shape of the membrane-tube wall is taken into account, the relationship for the solids fraction close to the wall (related to a plane wall) is c~=3.6c, which is similar to that reported in literature for plain walls.


Lateral particle distribution

Fluid dynamics

Circulating fluidized bed


Wennan Zhang

Department of Energy Conversion

Filip Johnsson

Department of Energy Conversion

Bo G Leckner

Department of Energy Conversion

Proc of the 4th International Conference on Circulating Fluidized Beds


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