Shifting Diets for a Sustainable Food Future: Installment 11 of “Creating a Sustainable Food Future”
Report, 2016


Janet Ranganathan

Daniel Vennard

Richard Waite

Brian Lipinski

Tim Searchinger

Patrice Dumas

Agneta Forslund

Hervé Guyomard

Stéphane Manceron

Elodie Marajo-Petitzon

Chantal Le Mouël

Petr Havlik

Mario Herrero

Xin Zhang

Stefan Wirsenius

Chalmers, Energy and Environment, Physical Resource Theory

Fabien Ramos

Xiaoyuan Yan

Michael Phillips

Rattanawan Mungkung

Subject Categories

Other Agricultural Sciences not elsewhere specified

Environmental Sciences

Climate Research

Areas of Advance


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