Annealing-induced structural rearrangement and optical band gap change in Mg-Ni-H thin films
Journal article, 2017

It is well known that optical properties of Mg-Ni-H films can be tuned by hydrogen uptake from Mg-Ni-H and upload into Mg-Ni systems. In this work weshow that modulation of optical properties of Mg-Ni-H can take place as a result of thermal processing in air as well. When reactively sputter deposited semiconducting Mg-Ni-H films are annealed at temperatures of 200 °C-300 °C inair, gradual band gap change from 1.6to 2.04 eV occurs followed by change in optical appearance, from brown, toorange and, subsequently, to yellow. We investigate this phenomenon using optical and structural characterization tools, and link the changes to an atomic rearrangement and a structure reordering of the NiH44-complex. The films are x-ray amorphous up to 280 °C, where above this temperature an increase in crystallite size and establishing of long-range order lead to a formation of the cubic crystalline phase of Mg2NiH4. Also, the results suggest that even though annealing was conducted in air, no oxidation orother changes in chemical composition of the bulk of the film occurred. Therefore, the band gap of this semiconductor can be tuned permanently by heat treatment, in the range from 1.6 to2 eV.

Metal hydrides




Željka Rašković-Lovre

Institutt for energiteknikk

University of Belgrade

Trygve Mongstad

Institutt for energiteknikk

Smagul Karazhanov

Institutt for energiteknikk

Chang Chuan You

Institutt for energiteknikk

Simon Lindberg

Chalmers, Physics, Condensed Matter Physics

M. Lelis

Lithuanian Energy Institute

D. Milcius

Lithuanian Energy Institute

Stefano Deledda

Institutt for energiteknikk

Materials Research Express

2053-1591 (eISSN)

Vol. 4 1 Artno: 016405- 016405

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Condensed Matter Physics



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