A pilot study of sorption filters to remove non-particulate organic pollutants in stormwater
Paper in proceeding, 2017

Organic pollutants (OPs) occur in urban stormwater as sorbed to particles, and in dissolved and colloidal forms. In this study, a pilot plant with column bed-filters of sand in combination with granulated activated carbon (GAC), peat and bark was used to investigate the removal of non-particulate OPs from stormwater. Bark, peat and GAC filters showed 60-100% reduction of aliphatics, aromatics and naphthalene when incoming water was spiked with contaminated sediment and diesel, and the peat filter showed 70% reduction of aromatics and naphthalene during heavy rain events. Sufficient water flows through the filters were difficult to achieve and improvements of the hydraulics are recommended.

persistent organic pollutants

sorption filters

granulated activated carbon

Sustainable stormwater management




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