On the convergence of shock-capturing streamline diffusion finite element methods for hyperbolic conservation laws
Journal article, 1990

We extend our previous analysis of streamline diffusion finite element methods for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws to include a shock-capturing term adding artificial viscosity depending on the local absolute value of the residual of the finite element solution and the meh size. With this term present, we prove a maximum norm bound for finite element solutionsof Burgers' equation an thus complete an earlier convergence proof for this equation. We further prove, using entropy variables, that a strong limit of finite element solutions is a weak solution of the system of conservation laws and satisfies the entropy inequality asociated with the entropy variables. Results of some numerical experiments for the time-dependent compressible Euler equations in two dimensions are also reported.


Claes Johnson

Anders Szepessy

Peter F G Hansbo


Mathematics of Computation

Vol. 54 189 107-129

Subject Categories

Computational Mathematics

Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics

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