Grid_Friendly Connecting of Constant-Speed Wind Turbines Using External Resistors
Journal article, 2002

In this paper an alternative method of connecting fixed-speed wind turbines, with active pitch mechanisms or variable-slip generators, is proposed and evaluated. instead of using the conventional soft starter, external resistors are used. The method was evaluated via laboratory tests, on a 15 kW machine, as well as theoretically on a 1 MW wind turbine. the proposed method causes small grid power quality impact, especially on inductive grids, compared with soft starters. this allows constant-speed wind turbines to be connected to weaker grids.

connection procedure

power quality

wind energy


Torbjörn Thiringer

Department of Electric Power Engineering, Power Electronics and Wind Energy

IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion

Vol. 17 4 537-542

Subject Categories

Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering

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