Maximal operators related to the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semigroup with complex time parameter
Journal article, 2006

Let γ be the Gaussian measure in Click to view the MathML source and Click to view the MathML source, t>0, the corresponding Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semigroup, whose infinitesimal generator is Click to view the MathML source. For each p with 12 this operator is of weak type but not of strong type (p,p) for γ. However, if a neighbourhood of the origin is deleted from Ep in the definition of Click to view the MathML source, the resulting operator is shown to be of strong type.

Gaussian measure

Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semigroup

Maximal operators

Mehler kernel


Peter Sjögren

Chalmers, Mathematical Sciences

University of Gothenburg

Journal of Functional Analysis

0022-1236 (ISSN) 1096-0783 (eISSN)

Vol. 237 2 675-688

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