Development of an Ethanol Fueled Diesel Engine
Journal article, 1994

In order to achieve extensive reduction of the pollutants and appropriate engine performance, an optimization of an ethanol fueled version of the Volvo TD73 diesel engine was performed based on a computerized analysis of measured engine parameters. Using a back pressure regulator, it was possible to obtain an increase of cylinder gas temperature, particularly at light loads, which resulted in a continuous decline in emissions with increase of back pressure. Furthermore, the effects of a by-pass valve, installed between intercooler and intake manifold, was investigated in order to optimize the emission levels. Effects of oxydation catalysts, especially on unregulated emissions such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and acetic acid were investigated. In correlation with the back pressure regulator, a fast catalyst warm-up was achieved, and their conversion efficiencies were improved.


Savo Gjirja

Chalmers, Department of Thermo and Fluid Dynamics

Erik Olsson

Chalmers, Department of Thermo and Fluid Dynamics

ISATA, 27th International Symposium on Automotive Technolgy and Automation. 31st October~4th November Aachen, Germany, 1994

Vol. 27 94EN066 327-334

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Mechanical Engineering

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