All-Optical Switching and Unidirectional Plasmon Launching with Nonlinear Dielectric Nanoantennas
Journal article, 2018

High-index dielectric nanoparticles have become a powerful platform for nonlinear nanophotonics due to special types of optical nonlinearity, e.g. caused by electron-hole plasma (EHP) photoexcitation. We propose a highly tunable dielectric nanoantenna consisting of a chain of silicon particles excited by a dipole emitter. The nanoantenna exhibits slow group-velocity guided modes, corresponding to the Van Hove singularity in an infinite structure, which enable a large Purcell factor up to several hundred and are very sensitive to the nanoparticle permittivity. This sensitivity enables the nanoantenna tuning via EHP excitation with an ultrafast laser pumping. Dramatic variations in the nanoantenna radiation patterns and Purcell factor caused by ultrafast laser pumping of several boundary nanoparticles with relatively low intensities of about 25 GW/cm2 are shown. Unidirectional surface-plasmon polaritons launching with EHP excitation in the nanoantenna on a Ag substrate is demonstrated.


A. E. Krasnok

ITMO University

The University of Texas at Austin

S. Li

ITMO University

S. I. Lepeshov

ITMO University

R.S. Savelev

ITMO University

Denis Baranov

Chalmers, Physics, Bionanophotonics

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Andrea Alú

The University of Texas at Austin

Physical Review Applied

2331-7019 (eISSN)

Vol. 9 1 014015

Subject Categories

Atom and Molecular Physics and Optics

Other Physics Topics

Fusion, Plasma and Space Physics



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