System Level Partitioning for Embedded Systems
Paper in proceedings, 2017

Platforms with different computation resource, e.g. CPUs and FPGAs, become one of the first choices to deploy performance-requiring embedded applications. On this technology, functionalities can be implemented either as hardware (HW) or software (SW) components. Here, we extend the MultiPar methodology to support the selection of optimal partitioning solutions with respect to system properties. We show the feasibility of the proposed methodology and validate the composition rules for properties used in the partitioning decision process.


G. Sapienza

ABB Corporate Research Center

N. Meli

ABB Corporate Research Center

J. Eriksson

ABB Corporate Research Center

R. Jansson

ABB Corporate Research Center

T. Seceleanu

ABB Corporate Research Center

Ivica Crnkovic

Chalmers, Computer Science and Engineering (Chalmers), Software Engineering (Chalmers)

Proceedings International Computer Software and Applications Conference

0730-3157 (ISSN)


41st IEEE Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC)
Torino, Italy,

Subject Categories

Software Engineering

Embedded Systems

Computer Systems



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