Climate impact optimization in concrete bridge construction
Paper in proceedings, 2017

Estimates indicate that the total climate impact, from a lifecycle perspective, generated by
Swedish construction processes reaches the same magnitude as emissions from all passenger cars
in Sweden. A large part of the emissions from construction of roads and railways arise from
production of steel and concrete used in bridges and other infrastructure structures. In this
research, several cases of existing concrete bridges have been investigated. The case studies are in
a very firm way analyzed, and then opportunities for reducing climate gas emissions are described
and elaborated upon. Accordingly, design and dimensioning through the use of today’s technology
and material selection are discussed. Without developing new ways to construct bridges, or
comparing concrete with other materials, a useful guide on how to use technology and
opportunities that are available for constructing climate smarter versions of standard bridges
today is developed and described.

sustainable construction


integrated design

climate smart

concrete bridge


Daniel P T Ekström

Chalmers, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering

Nadia Al-Ayish

Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute

Rasmus Rempling

Chalmers, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering

Peter Simonsson

Swedish Transport Administration

39th IABSE Symposium, September 21-23 2017, Vancouver, Canada - Engineering the Future


39th IABSE Symposium – Engineering the Future
Vancouver, Canada,

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