QPEL: Quantum Program and Effect Language
Paper in proceeding, 2014

We present the syntax and rules of deduction of QPEL (Quantum Program and Effect Language), a language for describing both quantum programs, and properties of quantum programs - effects on the appropriate Hilbert space. We show how semantics may be given in terms of state-and-effect triangles, a categorical setting that allows semantics in terms of Hilbert spaces, C*-algebras, and other categories. We prove soundness and completeness results that show the derivable judgements are exactly those provable in all state-and-effect triangles.

effectus theory

quantum computing

type theory


Robin Adams

Radboud University

Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science

2075-2180 (ISSN)

Vol. 172 133-153

11th Workshop on Quantum Physics and Logic, QPL 2014
Kyoto, Japan,

Subject Categories

Algebra and Logic

Computer Science

Areas of Advance

Information and Communication Technology


Basic sciences



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