Discussion of “human life is unlimited-but short” by H Rootzén and D Zholud
Journal article, 2018

The statistical paper human life is short-but unlimited is briefly discussed. The possibilities and limitations of statistical inference concerning very long human life spans are considered. The restricted models of tail distributions that arise from assumption of renormalized convergence of max- or conditional peaks over thresholds-distributions are questioned in the application context of the reviewed paper. The restrictions of natural systems designs on possibilities of extreme life spans, and the potential to adopt modified extreme value models, allowing seasonal variation of death rates, are also pointed out.

Limit of human life spans


Long human life lengths


Olle Nerman

Chalmers, Mathematical Sciences, Applied Mathematics and Statistics


1386-1999 (ISSN)

Vol. 21 3 411-413

Subject Categories

Language Technology (Computational Linguistics)

Information Science

Probability Theory and Statistics



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