Predicting what you'll do tomorrow: Panspectric surveillance and the contemporary corporation
Journal article, 2011

In an economy of rapidly mutating consumer preferences, new forms of surveillance have been developed within contemporary business. Increasingly, so-called “panspectric” techniques of predicting consumption choices, and tracking the shifting customer desires, are proving crucial for corporations trying to compete on the market place. Using the Deleuzian concepts of “assemblage” and “societies of control” as a point of departure, this paper explores how a new societal “diagram” is currently actualised in the marketing practices of contemporary corporations. This diagram emerges as the result of the concatenation of technological architectures (increased digital logging of everyday behaviours and data mining) and new perspectives on the human constitution; perspectives that dovetail nicely with contemporary social theory. Thus, social scientists are already complicit in the emergence of new modes of marketing-cum-surveillance.


Karl Palmås

Chalmers, Technology Management and Economics, Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Surveillance & Society

1477-7487 (ISSN)

Vol. 8 3 338-354

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Information and Communication Technology


Building Futures (2010-2018)

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Innovation and entrepreneurship

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Business Administration

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