Fabrication and assembly of an actively bent plywood geodesic gridshell - Student workshop, 2017
Other - Video, 2017

This video documents a two-day workshop that was performed in the course Digital tools - Parametric design where the students built a geodesic gridshell structure. The video shows the fabrication and assembly procedure in detail for the different parts of the structure. Utilizing a geodesic grid design, that is curves whose curvature vector is parallel with the surface normal, the gridshell was made of straight predrilled plywood laths that was bent and locked into shape using a sequential erection method. The workshop was organised as a collaboration between the Architecture and Engineering research group at Chalmers University, Buro Happold Engineering, BIG architects and Core Studios at Thornton Tomasetti.

The video is published and available on the video-sharing website Youtube https://youtu.be/cTRvXiK9dK8 



Parametric design


differential geometry


Emil Adiels

Research - Architectural Theory and Method

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