Vapor Aymerich, Amat i Jover - Lluís Muncunill i Parellada
Other - Video, 2018

The Vapor Aymerich Amat I Jover is an old textile factory located in the town of Terrassa near Barcelona. It and was built between 1906 and 1909 and designed by architect Lluís Muncunill i Parellada. The structure is characterized by a modular system of wrought iron columns carrying brick arches supporting doubly curved brick vaults that are angled toward big windows that lets in natural light. It is often mentioned as a unique historically important masonry structure.
This video is part of a collection of videos where masonry structures are documented and captured using motion pictures instead of stills to capture architectural qualities and experiences such as materiality, light and space.
The project is funded by ARQ research fund.





Emil Adiels

Research - Architectural Theory and Method

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