Corrigendum to "On traces of the Brandt-Eichler matrices"
Journal article, 2017

Abstract. This is a correction to my paper [1]. It corrects a formula in Proposition 2.2. The corrected result says that the number ı(n, m) of principal left ideals with norm qm in the Eichler order of level n over a discrete valuation ring R with residue field of cardinality q is ı(n, m) = (m + 1)qm if m < n and ı(n, m) = (n + 1)qm + 2qm−1 + · · · + 2qⁿ + qn−1 when m ≥ n. The proof of the Proposition was not given in my paper (as “tedious but straightforward”). Unfortunately, some coefficients in the second case were erroneous. A complete proof follows below.

Quaternion algebra, Eichler order


Juliusz Brzezinski

Chalmers, Mathematical Sciences

Journal de Theorie des Nombres de Bordeaux

1246-7405 (ISSN)

Vol. 29 1 321-325

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