Adaptive and Scalable Communication Networks [Scanning the Issue]
Review article, 2019

In this special issue, we have collected and presented recent works on innovative approaches and emerged technologies for coping with dynamicity, heterogeneity, and the scale, which have been central to (or even enablers of) recent advances in communications and networking technologies. At a time of an ever-increasing demand for networking resources and a larger scale, communication networks have faced challenges due to the heterogeneity of the demands, the diversity of communication mechanisms, the high dynamicity of the environments, the virtualization of functions, and the stringent and dynamic quality requirements. In recent years, there have been notable advancements in research and development of concepts and methods for highly adaptive and scalable communication networks.This special issue focuses on recent advances in the field of adaptive and scalable communications.


Ralf Steinmetz

Multimedia Communications Lab

Ioannis Stavrakakis

University of Virginia

Christian Esteve Rothenberg

Technical University of Madrid

Boris Koldehofe

Proceedings of the IEEE

0018-9219 (ISSN)

Vol. 107 4 635-638 8674847

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Communication Systems

Communication Studies



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