How to build a repository relevant for your institution, allowing the researchers to do research rather than administration
Other conference contribution, 2019

This paper presents our experiences of in-house development of a CRIS at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. Which course for the future is relevant when building a new repository platform in 2019, how does is it relate to the choices made 15 years ago when many of the current repository platforms were launched?

This paper will present features that we have in place, as well as the experiences from moving out of the comfort zone and dealing with new, non-publication related data, while sustaining and enhancing existing data and current services. In the development of we have had to leave several desired features in a backlog list, whilst focusing on simply doing the most relevant features. For the main features we have implemented them as elegant as possible. For instance, we will demonstrate automatic classification, data-driven workflows between various system - all made with the motto: "Let the researchers do research, instead of administrative tasks".


Jessica Lindholm

Chalmers, Communication and Learning in Science, Research support, bibliometrics and ranking

Open Repositories
Hamburg, Germany,

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