Mobile optical measurements of emissions and fenceline concentrations from oil and gas production
Paper in proceedings, 2019

The mobile measurement platform and optical methods used in the SQAMD project1 allowed for mapping concentrations and measuring fluxes from a large number of sources and source types, and provided very useful information on the relative contribution of small stationary sources to alkane and BTEX emissions in the SCAB. Sources ranged from single oil wells to large tank farms, refineries, and off shore installations. Note that these sources are not subjected to the same regulatory requirements as larger industrial facilities. Future studies aimed at improving the emission estimates in SCAB should include a larger subset of units from all major source categories, and a better characterization of their spatial and temporal variability.


Johan Mellqvist

Chalmers, Space, Earth and Environment, Microwave and Optical Remote Sensing

J. Samuelsson

FluxSense AB

Brian Offerle

FluxSense AB

Samuel Brohede

FluxSense AB

Pontus Andersson

FluxSense AB

Oscar Isoz

FluxSense AB

Marianne Ericsson

FluxSense AB

Olga Pikelnaya

South Coast Air Quality Management

Andrea Polidori

South Coast Air Quality Management

AQM 2019 - Air Quality Measurement Methods and Technology Conference 2019

Air Quality Measurement Methods and Technology Conference 2019, AQM 2019
Durham, USA,

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