Does collaborative research published in top journals remain uncited?
Paper in proceeding, 2019

This paper investigates whether collaborative research published in top journals remains uncited, and to what extent access type (open and closed) affects on citation of collaborative research published in top journals. It looks at publications including articles, conference papers, reviews, short surveys, editorials, letters, notes published between 2009-2016 with an affiliation from Chalmers University of Technology and indexed in Scopus. To give
enough time to gather citation, two-year time frame is considered for the publication of the year 2016. The data is classified based on access types: closed and open access, and sub-classified as cited closed access, cited open access, non-cited closed access, and non-cited open access in SciVal. The top 25 percentile indicating the number of journals that are in the top 25% of the most cited journals indexed by Scopus is considered. The result shows
that a small portion of collaborative research published in top journals remain uncited irrespective of types of collaboration. In case of international collaborative research, publications in closed access are more cited than in open access. Institutional collaborative research publications are more cited than national collaborative ones. Collaborative research is more cited than single authors’ publications and single authored conference papers
published in the top percentile do not remain uncited.


open access

collaborative research

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Jakaria Rahman

Chalmers, Communication and Learning in Science, Research support, bibliometrics and ranking

Proceedings of the 17th conference of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics

Vol. 1 1068-1074
978-88-3381-118-5 (ISBN)

17th International Conference on Scientometrics & Informetrics
Rome, Italy,

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