A Time- and Cost-Effective Method for Entropic Coefficient Determination of a Large Commercial Battery Cell
Journal article, 2020

The entropic coefficient of a lithium-ion battery cell is used to calculate the reversible heat of a battery during operation, which is a nonnegligible part of the battery thermal modeling. The contribution of this article is to propose a novel method to establish the entropic coefficient profile of a 26-Ah commercial pouch cell and compare the results with those obtained from the traditional potentiometric and calorimetric methods, and all are found to be in a good agreement. The originality of this article is to use a method, which consists of supplying a square pulse current waveform at a certain frequency, and thus, the resulting heat variation could be successfully linked to the input current using Fourier analysis. The current magnitudes used were 1 and 1.5 C, which are representative of the normal operation current in an electrified vehicle application. The method proposed is found to be cost efficient with a short experiment time and simple experiment setup. In fact, it can be used to characterize cells that are already mounted in a pack without access to a climate chamber or calorimeter.



thermal energy storage



Zeyang Geng

Chalmers, Electrical Engineering, Electric Power Engineering

Jens Groot

Volvo Group

Torbjörn Thiringer

Chalmers, Electrical Engineering, Electric Power Engineering

IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification

2332-7782 (eISSN)

Vol. 6 1 257-266 8979401

Subject Categories

Energy Engineering

Other Chemical Engineering

Other Physics Topics



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