Paper in proceeding, 2020

The purpose of this paper is to identify requirements and tradeoffs on logistics services for enhanced circularity of materials and resources.
Based on multiple case study design and abductive reasoning, the study investigates 13 different product categories. The data were analyzed based on theoretical, a priori codes from the literature review. Inductive, emerging codes were added to the coding scheme during the analysis. 
Requirements of logistics services to support slowing of resource flows are categorized with respect to initiator, location of the service, single or multiple actors, and transportation of parts, products and people. Moreover, the study identify new logistics tradeoffs: material and people, knowledge and people, and information and knowledge. Transportation of product, people, and parts can be reduced by increasing local knowledge and improve information sharing.
Research limitations/implications
This review contributes to the understanding of the relationship between logistics services and enhancement of circularity by highlighting requirements on logistics services in the aftermarket supply chain that support slowing of resource flows. To enhance circularity, logistics services must extend the traditional material–information flow with the flow of people and knowledge, respectively.
Practical and social implications
The categorization provides practitioners and researchers with an overview of requirements and tradeoffs on logistics services to enhance circularity of a particular circular cycle. The implications will provide an opportunity to address environmental impact of transportation and improve the utilization of scarce materials.

aftermarket services


circular economy aftermarket supply chains


Logistics services

slowing of resource flows


Gabriella Gatenholm

Chalmers, Technology Management and Economics, Service Management and Logistics

Arni Halldorsson

Chalmers, Technology Management and Economics, Service Management and Logistics

Jenny Backstrand

School of engineering Jönköping university

NOFOMA 2020 - Proceedings Of The 32nd Annual Nordic Logistics Research Network Conference

2020 Annual Conference of Nordic Logistics Research Network (NOFOMA)
Reykjavik (Digital), Iceland,

ELIN: Energy efficiency of logistics services -- inside-out

Swedish Energy Agency (P43314-2), 2016-12-06 -- 2019-12-31.

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Other Mechanical Engineering

Transport Systems and Logistics

Information Systemes, Social aspects

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