Interferometric sensor based on coherent imaging of gratings
Journal article, 2003

A sensitive interferometric sensor scheme that is based on coherent imaging of a first phase grating onto a second phase grating, their periods accurately matched, is suggested. Experimental data, obtained with a setup based on the suggested scheme, are presented. The sensor was found capable of measuring an angular tilt of a mirror less than 0.5 μrad. Compared with a previously suggested measuring scheme, the novelty of the one presented here is the inclusion of a second set of gratings, which eliminates measurement ambiguity. Some characteristics of the sensor scheme are discussed.

Fresnel diffraction


Talbot effect


Anders Magnusson

Department of Microelectronics

Kamyar Kazemi Moud

Department of Microelectronics

Sverker Hård

Department of Microelectronics

Applied Optics

1559-128X (ISSN) 2155-3165 (eISSN)

Vol. 42 1 67-70

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Atom and Molecular Physics and Optics

Other Physics Topics



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