Polarisation-mode dispersion induced outages in dispersion-managed soliton systems
Journal article, 2001

Polarisation-mode dispersion (PMD) induced system outages in dispersion-managed (DM) soliton systems are investigated. It is shown that DM solitons can achieve much better performance than conventional solitons and linear systems with respect to PMD because of less pulse broadening and reduced interaction between the soliton and dispersive waves in DM soliton systems.


Chongjin Xie

Bell Labs

Henrik Sunnerud

Department of Microelectronics

Magnus Karlsson

Department of Microelectronics

Peter Andrekson

Department of Microelectronics

Electronics Letters

0013-5194 (ISSN) 1350-911X (eISSN)

Vol. 37 24 1472-1473

Subject Categories


Signal Processing

Condensed Matter Physics



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